Our Services in Pakistan

  1. Pre-Final Inspection
  2. Initial Production Inspection
  3. During Production Inspection
  4. Pre-Shipment Inspection
  5. Final Random Inspection
  6. Container Loading and uploading Supervision
  7. Sample Collection Serrvices
  8. Fabric Inspection

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

Pre-production inspection also called ‘first article inspection”. Pre-production take place after you identify and evaluate a vendor or factory. Main purpose is to highlight quality risks before to the start of manufacturing. Your pre-production inspection may take place right before production starts or prior to the start of final assembly. Our inspection are performed using specific criteria based on each product style, product specification and other important information.
Why You Need A Pre-Production Inspection
Pre-production inspection are one of the comer stones of risk assessment and quality assurance. Without a pre-production inspection, you would not have a structured way to verify that your supplier can begin production, meet your specification, or adhere to your quality requirement.
A PPI inspection below is the important points and give support to the client.

Initial Production Inspection

In general, this inspection takes place when approximately 10-20% of total order quantity is produced.  It’s depending on the product and the manufacturing process. The IPI checks for the quality of the components used in the production, quantity, and specifications of product on schedule and production processes control, in-house quality control checks.


IPI is the most effective key to evaluate the supplier before starting production. It will ensure that the factory has the ability to perform your product specifications correctly and smoothly. We verified that the production techniques, production equipment, production floor, raw materials and capability. Our team makes sure that all essentials of your order are running in line to proceed smoothly and accurately.

Main Benefits of the IPI to client:

  •  Detecting production problems immediately.
  •  Correcting defects early in the production process to save time.
  • All needle points issues will be timely solved.

During Production Inspection

Check on the key characteristics of products during their production. In general, this inspection takes place when approximately 40-60% of total order quantity is produced. Depending on the product and the manufacturing process, the DPI may cover raw materials, partially completed products, and/or finished products and their packaging.

Also, the most important production status is verified at this stage.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

What is pre-shipment inspection 

Pre-shipment inspections (PSI) – Ensure that finished goods conform to your specifications. (Carried out when production is finished and at least 80% are packed into cartons.)
Each product is different and has wide variety of defects that can occur. Our inspections are performed using specific criteria based on each product’s style, function, specifications and other important information. 

Below sections and points are covered in PSI for soft-line products.

1. Quantity (cartons, assortments, packing list, etc.)
2. Workmanship (sewing, fabric, symmetric, etc.)
3. Function (Zipper, hook and loop fastener, etc.)
4. Color & Style (TPX/TC Pantone, Grey scale, etc.)
5. Size specification
6. Marking and labeling (PO No., item No., barcode, etc.)
7. Client’s special requirement

Final Random Inspection

We offer reliable Final Random Inspection Services that come into play once the merchandise is completely packed and ready. We employ a team of inspectors that conducts final inspection based on random selection of products making sure to include all styles, colors, sizes, assortments, markings etc. while checking the Quantity, Quality, Workmanship and Functioning of product. Further they ensure that the various parameters of color, size and other specifications and packaging, etc., is matching to stated specifications.

Container Load & Unload Service

Container loading is a critical step in the delivery of your goods. Even a good quality product if it is loaded incorrectly can be poor quality or even unsalable when it arrives. You could also end up with another customer’s products, incorrect quantities, wet goods/gift boxes or a wide variety of other defects directly related to poor loading conditions. CTS takes steps to make sure that you receive “your” products and that they are in the same condition that they were when loading began.

The below following points are included in this service

·  Quantity and assortment

·  Correct products

·  Condition of containers

·  Supervising proper loading

·  Condition of export cartons

· Delaying loading during inclement weather

·  Shipping marks

·  Client special requirements

Container Loading Supervision is an important step in receiving quality goods. For more detailed information.


Factory Evaluation

A factory audit is an on-site evaluation of a factory. The objective of a factory evaluation is to verify whether a factory is able to make a specific order as per your client’s requirements. The Factory Evaluation is the most basic factory audit in which we focus on general all aspects of a manufacturer for the supplier selection process. In Factory evaluation below are the points that are mainly focused on.

  • Factory profile (it includes address, specialized product)
  • Staff count and evaluation (Numbers of QA/QC persons, production lines)
  • Production Process. (It includes to check production flow accuracy)
  • Quality Management (Quality procedures and check points)
  • Equipment Verification (Production machines condition and auto mutation check)
  • Facility Over View (it includes view of production, washing, finishing, warehouse & QA/QC room)

Sourcing Services

                You work directly with the supplier: We conduct a specific study on your product

and select the 3 suppliers that best syit your needs in terms of cost and quality. You can call on us later if you want one of our inspectors to check the status of your production.

                Time frame: 5 to 7 working days.

                We commission the manufacturing of your product and monitor production: We manage the entire production of your product, from the making of the prototype to its final production. Our quality control teams monitor your order all the way to the time of shipping.

               Manufacturing time frame: It varies depending on your product specification, fabric selection and other process.

Price: we select the best offer among all competitors.